Reality? Whatever the Consciousness Says…!



He looked at me,

With bemused smile,

Pondered my question,

And slowly spoke,

Like an oracle,

From an ancient age…

“The brain?

Sure, we’ve all seen

films of autopsies

and assume

that the



where it all happens…

But what is that brain, really?

We, unlike Zeno of Elea, assume

innumerable separate things exist

in our universe,

and that the brain is one of them,

and our consciousness exists

within the brain…

Objects and more objects…

But what’s really there?

Energy fields exist everywhere,

and the solid things we see, and touch

are merely artifacts,

of our selective sensory architecture….

If our sensing algorithms

had been differently structured,

we’d see nothing on the planet,

because its true nature

is essentially EMPTINESS,

accompanied by omnipresent,

invisible energy fields…

Yet that isn’t “true,” either,

because NOTHING is,

until it’s perceived…

What we do observe,

all this richness..

The sense of solidity is ILLUSORY,

you feel only repulsive electrical fields…



Nothing solid,


And it all occurs

within the detector (mind),

which imparts

a sense of space (location),

and TIME,

which otherwise

have no inherent reality…”

Are you following me?

And without waiting for my answer,

Went on…

“Indeed, the universe can be viewed

as a blurry, probabilistic state of

potential information,

which the mind-system “collapses”

into actual information

and sensations,

when processed by the mind-system…

It’s a unitary process,

that bestows,

the feeling of a “me”

—the sense of true being…???”

As rain slowly fell,

He disappeared into


Leaving me alone

With my


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