God and the Riddle!

A short poem:

As I enter the class,

Students ask restlessly,

Topic today, sir, is

What is real?

God or the riddle…?

I pause for a moment,

The riddle silently sees its image…

It spins evening
among the motionless reeds...
There is a frailty no one notices
there, in the web of grass...
Silent cattle stare with green eyes.
They mosey in evening calm down to the water.
And the lake holds its immense spoon
up to all the mouths…

So, Sir…?

The answer??

Your answer???

I wake up from the waking dream….

I pick up my bag,

Turn at the door step,

And utter mournfully,

Riddle, sons,


An unfathomable silence,


a gradual dusky veil,

on the class……

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